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    We had the pleasure of visiting with Erick Velasquez of Wakami. Kiej de los Bosques created the brand Wakami in 2006, and has grown quickly in a very short amount of time. [...]

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    Martha Chery | NYC Wardrobe Stylist with a very cool Tumblr Lindsay Arber | Actress and voice over artist based in NYC, she can be seen in Jane Wants a Boyfriend with [...]


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Welcome to AurumEve!

Happy to have you here, have a browse and see the beautiful jewelry and culture our world has to offer! Drop me a line after to say hello!

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As you can see, we're feeling yellow 🌞 today!  xoxo @ EatJewels for sharing this gorgeous Jillian Abboud yellow sapphire with us 🌟! /// SAVE THE DATE & look out for PANELIST INTRODUCTIONS and details coming this week! RSVP required, link to follow soon! Join us for drinks, conversations and a discussion on handmade and fine jewelry! /// Hopping into humpday like 😆! With the beautiful, funny and talented Hazel's statement 🔥necklace from her SA handmade line,  CapetoJozi ! /// "This is a piece I got when I studied abroad in England – it was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl.

They are ceramic hand painted studs that I bought at a vintage fair in London.

I really don’t wear them much now, but I keep them close because they are just amazing to me-
as a reminder of dreams coming true." ///
NYC Stylist and awesomely photogenic beauty Martha Chery.