Thuthuka Jewellery Closing Exhibit

  On Saturday, March 7th, I had the pleasure of attending the closing event for the Thuthuka Jewellery Development Programme, sponsored in part by Brown’s The Diamond Store. The event ...


Th’haba Jewelry by Abrar Al-Ebrahim

Th’haba Jewelry, by Abrar Al-Ebrahim  Th’haba, derived from Arabic, refers to women with outstanding virtues, often seen as “precious as gold”.  When she was creating the brand’s image Abrar’s graphic designer ...

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Jordan, On My Mind

  “There is a need for handmade elements and a need to focus on crafts, especially in a non-industrial country like Jordan, where we can stand out by our heritage”. ...

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Can I SKOP* It? … YES YOU CAN!!!

Leçon du jour… *Skop (Afrikaans) = Kick (English) South African designers Lara Kruger ...

LIVE and in COLOR: Aow Dusdee

Dusdee Chotipruk, the inspirational life force behind the eye arresting Aow Dusdee ...
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Beverley Price

Beverley Price is a jeweler, sculptor and political activist from Johannesburg, South ...

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Communion by Joy AurumEve 21

Communion by Joy

Communion – noun. The act of sharing one’s thoughts and emotions with another or others; intimate converse. Joy Sangalang’s “Communion by Joy” is appropriately named, as her touch reaches beyond and through the precious (and recycled) metals she uses and touches you viscerally. I feel my brand empowers strength with feminine elegance. It is modern […]

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Feature AurumEve

Yura Bylkov : the Most Vivid Memory of my Dreams

I’m almost at a loss for words, in expressing the newfound awe that I have experienced with Yura ’s work. Upon first glance, his pieces look like naturally formed celestial material, treasures that once mysteriously made, cannot be recreated in nature or even reimagined in our mind. While I’m not usually a fan or iridescence – […]

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wakami cover

AurumEve Travels Studio Visit: Wakami

We had the pleasure of visiting with Erick Velasquez of Wakami. Kiej de los Bosques created the brand Wakami in 2006, and has grown quickly in a very short amount of time. We met in San Cristobal for a studio visit and to learn more about Wakami’s vision and accomplishments through community involvement and staying true […]

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Ashley Heather cover

Ashley Heather Jewellery: Picture Perfect

Ashley Heather, of Cape Town, South Africa is a designer upcycling in a truly unique way. Ashley creates contemporary pieces from silver that is reclaimed from photographic waste and other materials; a process that one can imagine is extremely time consuming and requires utmost exactness. “… ethically produced handcrafted jewellery; a material expression of a […]

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Prema Cover

AurumEve Travels Studio Visit: Deva Prema Designs

We walked up Calle Santander and hopped in a Tuk Tuk for the short ride to Jucanya (Cakchiquel = other side of the river), where Prema’s beautiful studio and home are located. Prema has been working in the Panajachel area for many years, both creating her own pieces and working with artisans throughout the country. […]

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Article 22 AurumEve

Article 22: #BuyBackTheBombs

Article 22 stood out with their sleek and clean design that offers a balanced level of elegance and modernity that makes their pieces truly eye catching. You can almost feel the cool and smooth grain of the texture from a glimpse at these ethically made pieces. Named after the twenty second article of the United […]

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