Larkin’s “Dopest Wood Studs Remixed” + More !

Beautifully whimsical and Indie…

Hello, My name is Larkin.
My red hair is my totem animal.
I love my home planet: its inhabitants, its moods, its colors.
I find that I am most inspired by these things.
I love small business, supporting the little guys, the handmakers and the underdogs.
I live in the never dull city of San Francisco, on the breathtaking coast of California on the coolest planet in the galaxy, Spaceship Earth. I’m into it.

-Larkinil_570xN.531235134_drfp il_570xN.554755411_7713il_570xN.553784889_nkf6il_570xN.304377974il_570xN.508890925_pahe il_570xN.522365013_1bm8

All images Courtesy of Larkin and Larkin.

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