Adèle Dejak

Adèle Dejak‘s brand creates handmade pieces inspired by her roots~ African shapes, textures and traditional techniques; her work unfolds into multidimensional, versatile statement pieces.


Her collections highlight and promote the creativity inherent with African ornament: Congolese Kuba, Kitenge, Asoke, local leather, recycled materials, rice and cement sacks, brass, aluminium, horn, ebony and glass.

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Adele-Dejak-Rogo-Collection-Kuba-cloth-clutch-bag kmpala ggaba fish

Before moving to Kenya (Adèle was born in Nigeria and raised in London) Dejak worked in England and Italy before focusing on accessory design, developing her craft and collecting experience and perspective that would shape her future projects, such as  Adèle Dejak brand and Magikgrace.

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In quite a short time Adèle has accomplished much, with her brand reaching a global scale and opening four boutiques…in three years!

Adèle Dejak, was also honoured as one of the design companies for Design Network Africa, a 36-month program that aims to ‘establish authentic interaction between 28 outstanding design companies throughout the African continent, who produce beautiful, contemporary work’.

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Images courtesy of Adele Dejak.

26 Comments on Adèle Dejak

  1. I love the bracelets… Simple, and unique but at the same time they inherited complex stories. The picture of the 3 bracelets express the beauty and struggles of our African roots.He style is stylish…I like 😉

  2. In love with the snake bracelet! A beautiful, unique, timeless piece that can be adapted to different outfits for different occasions and will never go out of fashion. Would be a great privilege to possess this piece.

  3. Ms.Dejak; its clear your senses inhaled L’afrique;

    the Fish ‘cuff’ takes me to Lamu/ Tanga/ Bamburi Silver sands, (our beautiful coastlines/ beaches),

    I see the silver lean little fish..with happy rounded childhood legs resting in a new rock pool, darting in the mystifying multitude of color hues and perfect form.
    Your precession piece creates a jasmine scented, salted cheeks and chai laden coastal memory. A gift in of itself,

  4. I like the wooden bangles and subscribed to aurumeve with my email .

  5. OMG LOVE them all. So hard to have a preferences when it comes to African ornaments… .

  6. The neck piece are one to die for and a snake bracelet jst killed it all,her piece r cute n so African I’d luv to be an owner of one of her pieces,it will be an honor

  7. I love the african ornaments!

  8. Lindsay Bernstein // December 17, 2013 at 6:07 PM // Reply

    I love the sexy snake cuff!

  9. Absolutely *ADORE* the bangles worn above the elbow. If I win the cuff, this is exactly what I’d do because my wrists are so tiny that bangles and cuffs tend to be too large. I heart the tribal quality of these chunky metal jewelry pieces!!

  10. I don’t know which one is my favorite. I love the wooden bracelet and the necklaces!

  11. Amazing

  12. I Love the wooden bangles! They look so nicely polished all at the same time giving some unique shape and perspective to how you would think of styling an outfit. I find it ingenious the way Adele Dejak infuses her African roots into the jewelry.

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