Gustavo Paradiso

Gustavo Paradiso, originally hailing from the beautiful Patagonia region of Argentina, and currently living and working in Spain, creates wearable jewelry sculptures that are truly unique, raw and posses a very fun level of ‘experiment’ inherent in each collection.

They provide game for the eye, and accentuate the wearer and their personality.

Gustavo uses non traditional materials like wire, recycled silver and deer horn.

It is not often that you find a truly talented artist such as Gustavo that has such visually different collections- yet somehow manages to achieve a cohesive aesthetic throughout each, and with his work as a whole.

No collection is truly like the other, yet each is equally engaging in its own right.


All images courtesy of Gustavo Paradiso.

2 Comments on Gustavo Paradiso

  1. Oh rings rings rings.. My weakness.

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