Hot Pop Factory

Hot Pop Factory, designed and run by Bi-Ying Miao and Matt Campeau out of Toronto is one of the first among what will grow as a popular and innovative jewelry making technique: 3D printing. This builds from their experience in architecture school .

Their journey from curiosity to discovery leads us to wonderfully wearable pieces of art!





Page-Ring-03 platonix-bracelet-CG001_img0 platonix-earrings-SY002_img0


bodyimg_process01 Capture Spearheads

All images courtesy of Hot Pop Factory.

2 Comments on Hot Pop Factory

  1. Thanks for the comment Raymond! 🙂

  2. This is one of my favorite posts! i find it intriguing and also in a way contradicting to the craft. I am fascinated by 3d printing coming from an architectural background. I find that all the work and skill is now determined by how well you can use a software. What makes jewelry so beautiful is that a lot of its charm comes from the unpredictability of its materials.The character can never be duplicated. Even when using a man made material like plastic, if it is hand crafted no two pieces are a like. This is where the dilemma occurs….. When jewelry is 3d printed, every piece will be perfectly the same. Plastic is inexpensive and once the design is digitized, the exact piece can be duplicated infinitely. That is not a bad thing, the costs of such products should be much much lower. The beauty to the piece is no longer the aesthetic of the material but its physical properties and the new forms that can be explored. These are exciting times!

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