Sakurako Shimizu: Wear it like you mean it

Japanese designer Sakurako Shimizu‘s Waveform collection replicates the shape and pattern that a person’s voice displays on an oscilloscope for specific words and phrases.

This is a very interesting and unique approach as it creates a physical and portable manifestation of an abstract representation. Physical and technological design are married beautifully. Shimizu‘s work displays both his technical knowledge and her subtle and striking design skill.

Shimizu creates brooches, earrings, cuffs, rings and necklaces with Waveform representations of giggling, the momentous “I do” , “Wow”, poetry and more.

Pieces are either laser cut or molded and made using either fine metals or wood.

Bell Cuff

Bell1-web 4419240517_db31e9381d

“I do” Wedding Rings

I do-B Flat ring

“Wow” (Brown) + other Brooches

3brooch for blog

Giggle Necklace

Giggle2pc copy giggle2-web

“Right” and “Left” Earrings


All images courtesy of Sakurako Shimizu.

4 Comments on Sakurako Shimizu: Wear it like you mean it

  1. vraiment magnifique entre bande son et architecture, très réussi.

  2. Your assessment really captured Sakurako Shimizu’s collection. I really like the cuff and I LOVE the I do ring.

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