Not your average Maasai: Jacqueline Kibacha

Founded just three years ago by Tanzanian designer Jacqueline Kibacha, Heart365 Emporium brings the beauty and vitality of Tanzanian Maasai art to the forefront in a bold and beautiful way.

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Kibacha has already garnered many awards and accolades throughout both Europe and Africa. She is an excellent example of an artist that is celebrating her heritage ad bringing it to the forefront.

Kibacha also gives back, by donating proceeds to the Emusoi Centre, Arusha, in an effort to provide and facilitate opportunities for Maasai girls both educationally and vocationally.

Capture4 Capture6 378217_434172709967018_2045543875_n


Images courtesy of Jacqueline Kibaca.

5 Comments on Not your average Maasai: Jacqueline Kibacha

  1. I LOVE the cultural and global thread in all of your content. Learned some new designers and trends from around the world. Keep pumping it out!!

  2. agreed! 🙂 My favorite is the 3rd up from the bottom with the mauve/ruby stones:)

  3. This jewelry is stunning.

    • Yes I’m a huge fan of her! They are the kind of pieces where that’s all you need on! No earrings or any other jewelry competes when you’re wearing one of Jacqueline’s pieces 🙂

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