Valerie Parisius; from Curaçao to Holland – and everywhere in between

Valerie is one inspirational and beautiful woman!

Her pieces are brightly shining examples of her inner and outer beauty and her fantastic personal journey.

She creates fantastic necklaces that she crochets that include the wings of Elytra beetles (ethically sourced).

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After venturing out of her small island of Curacao, Valerie went to Holland to study accounting. While in Holland, Valerie finally decided to follow her heart and pursue the arts. She travels the world, supporting herself through her art.

Valerie‘s work is not limited to jewelry, she creates fantastic eye catching illustrations that will make your imagination positively soar.

Valerie also creates collar tie die necklaces with cotton yarn and lurex yarn.

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Her works also include metallic beadwork that have an warm, elegant island and refreshing energy to them.

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She is travelling the world learning, creating and loving life.

Congratulations Valerie– keep creating, being, loving and reaching new heights!

All images courtesy of Valerie Parisius.

24 Comments on Valerie Parisius; from Curaçao to Holland – and everywhere in between

  1. Yeah! Congrats! Valerie Parisius Winner announced and on new post! 🙂

  2. i love the fluorescence of the beads! really nice!

  3. Wow! I am beyond in love with your creations. I love to travel and make accessories as well and am so inspired by you! In Brasil right now and would have loved to be rocking that wings of Elytra beetles collar. So happy to find out about you, beautiful work.

  4. Lovely artist, art and post.

  5. I absolutely love the first necklace. Ive never seen anything like it!

  6. Very inspiring and a good profile !

  7. aurumeve you did it again

  8. Thank you for stopping by and liking the post on Fes Festival. Your jewelry is beautiful.

  9. that very first piece is quite the statement in itself. I love the creativity and the feeling that her pieces go beyond just being accessories. It’s amazing that you keep finding such great artists! Your articles and astute perspective are great to underline the work as it should be appreciated!

    • Yes the first piece is quite stunning and unique!

      Thank you so much for the appreciation and support! We will keep great artists and articles coming 🙂 !

  10. Thank you! what a nice article

    • You are VERY welcome, I love your jewelry and your illustrations are fantastic also 🙂 Your story is exciting and inspirational, and true example to pursue what moves you! 🙂

  11. Very beautiful work)

  12. AurumEve on Indiechicks Blog Carnival ! 🙂

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