Sarah Truett: Dreams and Memories


Sarah Truetts fantastic work  leads you into a colorful and vibrant dreamscape.

Her pieces are a mix between play and a level of sophisticated maturity.



Sarah‘s talent is undeniable as she stretches her imagination and the craft, dipping into memories of her childhood to create one of a kind brooches, earrings, rings and necklaces.

IMG_5720a - Copy_o img_6038a IMG_5729a_o

The vibrant and lively colors that she displays on her copper, brass, silver and enamel work are alive and rich.

Truett_03_o IMG_5739a_o STruett01_o IMG_5660a_o

Her work feels midway between dream and memory, made tangible through her fantastic enamel and metalsmith skills seen through her jewelry -as she looks to convey the movement of memories over time in her work.

IMG_5887_o IMG_5868 - Copy_o

All images courtesy of Sarah Truett.

4 Comments on Sarah Truett: Dreams and Memories

  1. So funky and unique!

  2. Sarah’s work is quite exquisite, i particularly like how she was able to capture the subtle gradations that you do find in precious minerals. These pieces look as though they pulled straight out of the earths core by hand and delicately crafted into the fantastic work shown here. Tight Work

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