Monique Pean: Tour de Force

Haitian American jewelry designer and tour de force, Monique Péan is truly a remarkable woman and a remarkable designer.

Through an unexpected close family passing, Monique transitioned from her life as an analyst to seek to change the world through artistic and philanthropic initiatives. This led to The Vanessa Pean Foundation and Monique Pean Jewelry.

Her pieces are clean, bold, vivid, refreshing and classic – seamlessly.

Monique fantastically and thoughtfully selects perfect central stones for her pieces, which are often embellished or enhanced with very subtle yet striking diamonds or zircon. What we love is that each piece is unique, as each stone has its own characteristics and distribution, allowing the piece to be infinitely unique.

Her work is infinitely beautiful, and somehow, albeit the beautifully bold design, there is always something tender in all of her pieces, not quite feminine, but noticeably inviting.

In addition to her remarkable designs, which boldly and elegantly feature fossilized woolly mammoth and walrus ivory, Monique is an all around ‘citizen of the world’.  Her brand, Monique Pean is committed sustainability and has established itself  as the premier eco-friendly fine jewelry collection available. Her in-house production team oversees all aspects of production – from sourcing to stone setting to ensure high quality and standards are met. Her work is composed of 100% recycled metals and the brand is a member of the No Dirty Gold Campaign. All of her stones are conflict and devastation free. Her materials are sourced globally through partnerships and collaborations with local artisans and communities, in an effort to promote and practice fair global trade. Also, Monique Pean‘s philanthropic works reach many as she works with organization in Malawi, Haiti, Mozambique and all around the world.

Her designs are truly wearable art and social awareness.


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All images courtesy of Monique Pean.

10 Comments on Monique Pean: Tour de Force

  1. Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand // July 14, 2013 at 8:48 PM // Reply

    Beautiful, innovative, sustainable, energetically wearable! I have so many beautiful stones that I would love for her to work on them for me.

    Dr. Margaret Mitchell Armand

  2. 😮 I love the two rings on the header and the last earrings. Her creations are phenomenal!

  3. Holy moly, I LOVE the green (emerald) ring in the header! Brilliant piece!

  4. What I like the most about this collection is the showcasing of the stones, It really highlights the natural qualities of the stone. The way that the stone is captured to create a ring or earring is elegantly done and does not detract from the beauty of the stone.

  5. Blood free, sustainable, graceful geometry and smooth balance of striking colors with rich stones. I must say….. BRAVO #thisisonsomemagnacartaholygrailish

    • Yes! That’s what I love about her, she came into the (very competitive) arena and showed- this is how I am going to do it- ethically and artistically ! #newrules

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