Wing Hang Chan


Wing Hang Chan, known as Kody Chan is an extraordinary young and talented Chinese jewelry designer.

A recent graduate of the Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery, Wing is well on her way to a beautiful journey within the arts world.

Her work consists of pieces inspired by the themes and silhouettes inherent throughout nature such as branches and flowers.

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She combines metal, paper and acrylic as she navigates and explores hollow spaces and repetition through a fresh and crisp lense.

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She layers simple elements in a way that achieves a complex structure, with each piece being unique in scale, and of itself.

The color hue and combination works effortlessly to give a ‘pop’ yet universally appreciated work.

Her pieces are reminiscent of small sculptures – we love her work as there is an element of fun to each piece – and a hint that this art is enduring; far from a fad – it is lasting.

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All images courtesy of Kody Wing Chan Contemporary Jewellery.

4 Comments on Wing Hang Chan

  1. so cool! the result is so great and powerful!

  2. I am definitely talking a deeper look into the possibilities of paper, and acrylic. These piece have such a visual impact with a clean and elegant technique. The contrast in hues definitely give it that flare and the pattern use is slick as well

    • It really does! Visual impact (albeit mostly beautiful regardless) does not usually have such a weightless and elegant feel to it, as in Wing’s work. Looking forward to seeing what you create with paper and acrylic in the future 😉

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