Yunus and Eliza: Myths, Dreams and Darkness


Yunus and Eliza

create fantastic designs rooted in the beautiful and the dark – art and fantasy.


The two met in 2007 and while neither have formal jewelry design training, they clearly illustrate that passion and dedication to one’s craft – regardless of what professional background one comes from – are the deciding factors for a rich and unique outcome.

Yunus is of Turkish descent and Eliza of French descent, with their studio stationed in London. Among many, their themes include Greek and Egyptian  mythological settings with a stark and rebellious beauty.

There is a modernity to each design that is wrapped in a dramatic and sometimes intimidating beauty.

Their pieces are unique handmade sculptures to be worn with confidence.

~Beyond the Darkness Collection~

Goddess Pendants ~ Have A Heart Ring aka Harlech Crab ~ Scarab ~ Goddess Rings


scarab heart facecrab

Prodigy Child


~There Was Flight Collection~



~In Between Collection~

Night Vision Ring

~S Collection~

SkyScraper Two Ring


All images courtesy of Yunus and Eliza.

8 Comments on Yunus and Eliza: Myths, Dreams and Darkness

  1. Great post, I love artist jewelry. I want them all !!!

  2. Beautiful!! Accessories that make a statement on its own. Each piece feel like an opening to a fresh conversation! I like how interesting each of the designs look.

  3. the pieces look awesome! I am just curious to see what they would look like worn. That image with the cat and the rings its DOPE! I like that the pieces are inspired by human and animal anatomy but fragmented into abstract art.

  4. Splendid!!!!! The contrasted theme behind the work provides the perfect premise for a timeless dialogue of jewelry story telling. Old world iconism meets nightmares. It’s like an Anne Rice novel come to life in the form of hand crafted art. #mwhahahahahahaha

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