Ohiri Kréation


Ohiri Kréation is the brainchild of Cote D’Ivorian designer Akébéhi Kpolo.

A natural artist, making her first piece at age nine, Akébéhi also had the patience and steadfastness to honor her parents while keeping her eye on her prize:

her own business and jewelry line.

After agreeing with her parents that she would get her MBA in Economics and then have the freedom to pursue her Jewelry Design career, Akébéhi hit the ground running and in 2011  started her quickly successful line, Ohiri Kréation .

At 26 years old, Akébéhi is well ahead of her game with a great head on her shoulders and a clear vision in her mind.

Part of her personal and artistic aesthetic is combining her African heritage with the current modernity that we all live in, in our surrounding world.

Uniquely, she consistently used Akan goldweights* in all of her designs. Through this her designs create dynamic pieces for both men and women.

One of her focuses is jewelry honoring Akan weight, the former exchange currency in West Africa.

Her pieces are entirely handmade and she also makes custom jewelry. Down the line her goals include continuing to promote African culture and diversity through her arts and having a store in New York within the next five years. At the rate that Akébéhi is going, we wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the city sooner!

Mens Necklaces and Bracelets

men1 Slide_CoHomme 943398_445655132186080_1114328739_n

*Akan goldweights (mrammou)  were a system of measuring gold dust and particles by the Akan of West Africa. Each specifically designed piece was a specific weight. Owning a complete set of mrammou was also seen as a status symbol, and were also wedding gifts for men.

Women’s Jewelry

421906_257862974298631_860055150_n _MG_1130-1 562974_291321880952740_1925309504_n _MG_1191

More back and shoulder jewelry and adornment



Images Courtesy of Ohiri Kréation .

8 Comments on Ohiri Kréation

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this before!

  2. Much is to be said about a refined palate in selection, I find that, Akébéhi Kpolo’s approach reveals a smooth integration between the human scale and jewel medium. The mens pieces reflect the power need to engage the spectators and celebrate the essence of the wearer, while the women’s back jewelry heightens the inherent beauty in female form.



    • I agree with you, specifically about the women’s back jewelry. Part of her back jewelry’s grace is that it indeed does not compete with the natural with a large amount of gems or excessive decoration – it truly enhances the woman’s form/body/beauty 🙂

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