Jo Hayes Ward


Jo Hayes Ward‘s pieces are beautifully and imply intricate architecturally inclined works of art.

Jo works with texture and pattern with a seemingly cubist lense.  She accomplishes this by using rapid prototyping technology and working with CAD and 3D printing.

Through these methods and her fantastic design, Jo achieves unique pieces with a very ‘digital’ aesthetic.

We love that the pieces are almost a mind trick, as they seem pixelated in a very mesmerizing and artistic way.

Jo is currently working on a Men’s Collection, so we will keep you updated!

JoHayesWard02 double1

Jo-Hayes-Ward_Chaos-rings-i jo-hayes-ward_two-edge-chao

All images courtesy of Jo Hayes Ward.

5 Comments on Jo Hayes Ward

  1. Love, love, love this!

  2. The mixed metals honeycomb stack-able rings leave me breathless! Wow, I would never take those off! Love love.

  3. If you told an alchemist that they couldn’t make gold, they’d use all the power of their alchemy to create a gold brick on site.
    Jo’s work reminds me of alchemist crafting what would be thought of as
    ” impossible truths ” through the use of tailored geometry and “smart growth” principles in theories of aggregation.

    #Jo Hayes Ward aka Issac Newton

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