Amandina de Yucatan

Amandina plays with the a physical output symbolizing  love and friendship.

Amandina was created in 2009 in Yucatan, Mexico by Georgina Valdez and Joana Duarte as a class project– the two were surprised with how quickly pieces that they once made for a small clientele has quietly grown into a global success.

Their key material is silver, using the Yucatean filigree technique and style. Yucatean filigree tradition began with the Mayans working with gold and silver that was brought to Mexico from Spain, through Oaxaca. Characteristic of Yucatan filigree are elements of enamel jewels. During the Hacienda era, filigree rosaries were given to caretakers as a means of gratitude.

The girls skillfully marry modern culture and tradition through working silver, gold, brass and natural stones.

What we particularly love about their work is the succesful union of tradition, youthful spirit and modern aesthetic relevance in their pieces.

Any piece from any of their collections has an element that young, old, traditional, trendy – would all be able to find something beautiful and engaging as well as personal for them. Each piece has a ‘bespoke’ feeling.






157 253 244





All images courtesy of Amandina.

6 Comments on Amandina de Yucatan

  1. Love that gold half circle pendant! The details are so precise, like hand-carved. The V-shaped earrings are gorgeous also!

  2. ” you learn something new errrreday ” I always wanted to know what that cool technique with all the little beads and tiny metal work in that fashion was called.

    So, now instead of me saying yeeeeaaaah (young jeezy voice) check out that cool technique… I can say look at all that ” #FILIGREE ”



  3. Thank you for highlighting this jewelry. It is beautiful.

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