Shayla Cox : Love in it All

Shayla Cox, a Brooklyn transplant from Columbus, Ohio – has a collection that is quite uniquely – beautiful.

After working as a visual stylist for fashion giants Tracy Reese and Ralph Lauren, Shayla decided to dabble in pottery while working at a studio – and her jewelry obsession was born!

She has gone on to create a successful guerrilla fashion week appearance, collaborate with Donna Karan and grow her brand and her name.

Upon making a life change and leaving her job and venturing into her own brand- where she could jump into a life that she really wanted and would enjoy, Shayla committed both personally and professionally to work with love as a basis for both her self and her creative process – a truly meditative approach. She has succeeded in that her lovely pieces have a very open, and almost inviting feel to them, seen clearly in her design choice and hue of her clay pigments.

 Her particular “claim to fame” are her beautiful breastplate pieces that somehow manage to have a strong and bold presence, yet are lightweight and easily wearable – our favorite!

She sees the breastplates as “protecting your heart” and being bold with your love and heart.








screen-shot-2011-11-16-at-5-29-02-pm shayla_cox1


fervor-lo-res oasis lo res phoenix-body-2-lo-res

All images courtesy of Shayla Cox.

8 Comments on Shayla Cox : Love in it All

  1. Pottery as a medium for jewelry very liberating. The material allows for so many points of exploration. Scale,Tone,Texture, Weight. They remind me of the intricate details that are seen on ancient chinese clay figures.


    • I agree, what I particularly like is that as clay arts are traditionallly attributed to certain cultures; Shayla is perfecting the craft and appealing to a wide range of clay and pottery enthusiasts !

  2. I recently was nominated for the Liebster Award by another fellow blogger livechicly. I have now nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to my blog page to find out details of your nomination and what to do next!

  3. I love the idea of combining pottery and jewelry. I really like the blue and gold necklace!!! They are a great compliment to design and simplicity and interesting way to spice up your wardrobe!

  4. i love this pieces- especially the wavy one, so cool!

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