Amrapali : She is a Living Legend

During the time of the Lord Buddah lived a legendary courtesan of extreme beauty and charm found under a mango tree in one of the royal gardens in Vaishali. Her beauty inspired both war and peace, and she used this to transform into a voice for the people. She is believed to be the most beautiful woman in the history of the world.

She was called Amrapali.




Almost thirty years ago, two Ancient Indian History students, Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora set out to build an empire showcasing and infusing tribal, traditional and rare Indian design. With the goal of reviving India’s ancient art of jewelry on a global scale, they began by exploring the most remote and rural parts of India and the authentic and awe inspiring jewelry traditions therein. They worked with and learned from master craftsmen and goldsmiths. In addition to using these jewelry techniques and aesthetics to create their designs, they also employed these local artisans to learn more from their unique and exclusive skills. Over the years they have contemporized traditional and rare Indian jewelry art forms in a revival that is true to its origins and fantastically mesmerizing to the eye.




Rajesh and Rajiv originally started using tribal silver to design and create handicrafts in Jaipur, as they did not have the investment capital for fine jewelry. Little by little the crowds grew at their small store and word of mouth travelled far and well. With their saved money, they were able to turn their focus solely to jewelry. Before they knew it – they were at Fashion Week-




alc0613685_a_ (1)

Amrapali  is renowned particularly for its collaborations with various Indian designers and for its tribal jewelry and globally *Kundan jewelry.

Amrapali currently is all over India in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Bangalore and thirty-nine other countries throughout the world.



* “Kundan is a technique in which each gem is set by pressing fine strips of highly purified gold around it. The method is believed to have originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is the oldest form of jewelry made and worn in India…”

Victorian-Pearl-Necklace (1)

All images courtesy of Amrapali Jewels.

18 Comments on Amrapali : She is a Living Legend

  1. This collection has very beautiful colors, patterns and shapes… It’s bold but so sophisticated that it’s definately not kitsch…I love it 😮

    Your blog is so good, THANK YOU for those comments you’ve put on some of my articles, I am so glad I know your blog! 😀


  2. fashionwithoutfuss // September 30, 2013 at 3:59 PM // Reply

    this collection is magical!

  3. I’m in love with this type of jewelry, especially if there is any trace of pearls and turquoise color on them, and if they have a story to tell. Great post!

  4. Absolutely love!!

  5. Oh, my gosh, what a stunning collection! 🙂
    Absolutely beautiful!
    Have a HAPPY week 🙂

  6. What a wonderful post as usual! Very vibrant in color and rich in texture! it is also a testament to gold and how well it is complimented with colorful stones.

  7. Any story that involves being born at the foot of a mango tree has to be great. Mango lassis’ are necessary to read this post. Rajesh and Rajiv have really put that research to good use. These pieces look legit, with a subtle modern refinement based on their old world inspiration. “Kundan” #pow #aurumeve does it again, bringing knowledge on jeweling all around the world, A+

    • YES @ mango tree life roots! I must admit (-1 point for mw), I did not know what a mango lassi was, but with a quick Wiki read I NEED one now! 🙂 Thank you FEW CHAINZ! Much love

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