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  1. Beverley’s work has a great twist on popism. You can definitely get the flair of ” making it public makes it political ” vibe from the work. Also, the infused south african craft of the pieces add a great harmony between the drive of the work and the beauty of its history. Its the type of work you look at and say ” Damn! thats a dope concept, why didn’t i think of that!.” Shout out to Beverly Price for bringing fresh air to expression of culture and Shout out to #aurumeve for presenting it to the masses.


    • Thank you! What inspires me so much about Beverley is exactly that! #steppingbacktoleapforward ! I also really love her choice of DRUM Magazine,not only because of all that it represented/represents – but also because while it has changed considerably, it has grown/evolved — much like we are all trying to do personally, spiritually, and together in this world!

  2. It is a great concept to adorn ourselves with pieces that reminds us of our history! It invites a certain awareness to our legacy as humans living in our worldwide society. Interesting!

  3. Yes thanks!!! 🙂

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