Pangpond Suraporn Pasaprates

Upon studying product design through her art courses at Chelsea College in London, Thai artist Pangpond noticed that all of her product designs were centered around the body and tended to be highly decorative in nature. She then made the shift to jewelry design and has not looked back since.

Her designs are highly stylized and neat, despite their vibrantly living and present nature. Her conceptual process begins with memories of her experiences of Thailand’s temples, buildings and architecture; she then creates her own unique patterns and textiles; and in turn feeds these back into architectural adornment structures – her jewelry.

Pangpong uses a variety of techniques to create her pieces such as CAD, 3D printing, casting, painting gold leaf and hand wrapping materials. Her work is a culmination and superior example of successful blending of technological advances in design.

Her pieces are both beautifully elaborate and simultaneously easy to wear. Wear one, wear them all, her bracelets are stunning! These may be one of the very few bracelets that can share the spotlight with the superstars of a jewelry ensemble: earrings.

Cheers to Pangpond Suraporn Pasaprates!




All images courtesy of Pangpond Suraporn Pasaprates.

2 Comments on Pangpond Suraporn Pasaprates

  1. This is a great post. The review on how Pangpond’s process is related to architecture inspiration and cognitive experience is very insightful. Also, I find the presentation of the pieces to be great! Highly seductive and demonstrative of the scale and details involved.
    I picked up a new technique from reading this post. Aurumeve keeps schooling um.


    • Thank you ODOTMDOT! It’s very rare that a designer can create such engaging and seductive images with their work without distracting from the beautiful pieces 🙂 Glad to add to the toolbox! 😉

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