Polly Wales : Rock On!

Polly Wales, a designer based in London takes an unorthodox and artistically rewarding spin on casting and carving fine gems and metals.

Originally a sculptor, Polly moved into jewelry and plays with fine silver and high carat gold, casting rubies, sapphires and diamonds directly into her gold and silver bands to create a raw, rugged, and natural framing and visage for her gems.

The quality of and randomly unique juxtaposition of her gems creates an illusion in which they almost seem like they are about to have a volcanic reaction through the brilliant gold bands and burst out. The finished pieces bring to mind found treasures that have been long buried and that have undergone an unexpected and rare sort of fusing together to be rediscovered and admired. They almost resemble geodes cracked open and turned inside out.

The appearance of ‘imperfections’ are far from – they are testaments to beauty, not as it should be, but as it is.

  single blam

double bandsdouble colorstwo whites

All images courtesy of Polly Wales.

4 Comments on Polly Wales : Rock On!

  1. Very cool post, I am really liking the #raw #newrules #norules approach,that these innovative jewelers and designers, that you have been showcasing are taking.
    Polly’s work definitely reflects this breathe of exploration. The concept is wild, and resolves into a very fashionable piece. subtlety unique and elegant.
    ” casted random strikes of precious metals with embedded jewels.” #dope ,Could you imagine what type of madness would exist if miners where out in the mines finding precious metals with these crafted properties…mwhahahahhahahahaha….
    man, Pinky and the Brain would have probably took over the world!!!!!

    • thank you! what I love about her pieces is that they are very subtly #newrules , the diamonds are definitely put in, in a beautifully wild fashion, and her use of excellent quality stones enhances her technique!
      I love #madness!!!

  2. Oh oh wow. So amazing! I love gold so much, these are rad!
    P.S. I did receive the earrings they are to DIE FOR!! Blog post coming soon!

    • Yes I love them and I’m so glad that you love the earrings!!! And glad they made it safely, do email me a picture of you looking awesome in them soon 🙂 Can’t wait to see the post! 🙂

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