Claire Topal: Two Mediums

Claire Topal, a Seattle cowboy hat enthusiast and globetrotter began as a painter and now transforms her evocative and beautiful paintings into her own handmade jewelry pieces that are soft, elegant; an excellent and seamless transition from larger than life, to miniature beauties.

She uses a combination of metal bezels, Swarovski elements, ICE resin and a special resin that is chip and fade proof, over her reproductions to ensure longevity of her beautiful pieces.



6th AurumEve

~ ~ ~
2nd AurumEve
~ ~ ~8th AurumEve~ ~ ~9th AurumEve

All images are courtesy of Claire Topal.

4 Comments on Claire Topal: Two Mediums

  1. A post like this is what is great about, you get an opportunity to explore the vast mediums of art. Topal’s expansion on her skills as a painter is butter. I particularly like the ” faded face ” to “no face” of the figures that she paints. They aid well to the concept of miniaturizing her paintings. The technique brings an omnipotent draw to them. Pretty soon ladies will be like… ” I style so hard, I rock Topal’s on my ears! ”


    • Yes, I love that she crosses two mediums, that both require ispiration and creativity and then brings them together for these pieces 🙂 Pretty soo, I’M going to be saying that 🙂

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