Katherine-Mary Pichulik, a South African jewelry designer and sculptor- studied printmaking at Michaelis School of Fine Arts before… qualifying as a pastry chef?! … and then, during a 36 hour train ride to India, began making jewelry from found objects along her journey: rope, bone, beads. She found a language in her pieces that people responded to. Her pieces are inspired by and designed for the dynamic, graceful, soulful woman. While each of her pieces are unique and fresh in their own right, Katherine-Mary has a particular delight for creating commissioned work. She loves that the process allows her to learn about people and their stories on an emotional level and create a wearable artistic portrait. 

Pichulik jewellery-1-2


Pichulik jewellery-64


Pichulik jewellery-20

All images courtesy of Pichulik.

10 Comments on Pichulik

  1. donnaellisart // November 1, 2013 at 11:46 AM // Reply

    wow, VERY cool!!! thanks for sharing these!

  2. Oh my fabulous! Wow, these are so incredible! I want all of them!

  3. Whoooaaaa, real talk, I think, I want to take a 36 hour train ride to India. If this language of jewelry was birthed from such and experience for Katherine. Then who knows what else it could inspire. Very intriguing work, I digs the snake like feel to them. Its like rocking a boa constrictor on your neck. makes me think of Salma Hayek in from dusk till dawn a little..


  4. I don’t see myself wearing any of her pieces but I find them intriguing and I get caught up staring at them and comparing them with pieces of art which I enjoy a lot.

  5. wow that is very cool – love it 🙂

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