Fernando Jorge : Brasileiro em Londres

Brazilian jewelry designer Fernando Jorge has risen to critical acclaim in just a few years as a result of his unique design and engaging aesthetic. Fernando began studying engineering in his native Brazil and then began working with a leading jewelry manufacturer, producing designs for an eight member team of goldsmiths. He quickly enrolled in a design program in London, combining his past professional experience with his love for sketching – from there, Fernando’s acclaim and production has steadily risen.

I decided it was about finding a balance, stripping away the history at the same time as being respectful to it so it was fresh and cheeky but not vulgar. At the end of the day what it comes down to is playing around with beautiful shapes in gold and stones to find desirable forms.

-Fernando Jorge

part two

There are so many meanings added to jewellery in civilization, but on the other side there is also a very basic raw desire to wear something because you are attracted to it. For me if you find something you want whether it is a stone you find on the ground or an expensive piece of jewellery it should be about pure attraction. 

-Fernando Jorge

  part one

Fernando divides his time between his London studio and Brazil , where his workshop is. The vast majority of Fernando’s stones are sourced in Brazil with a handful in England; all of his pieces are made in Sao Paolo as well. He works closely with a team of craftsmen to ensure each one of a kind piece is perfected. Fernando highlights gems that are abundant in Brazil such as Brazilianite, Lapis Lazuli and Peridot in order to show both Brazilians and the global community that beauty is not only limited to scarcity.

Fernando explores organic shapes and a fluidity and aesthetic of Brazilian culture, in his purposefully shapely and sensual pieces. He draws from the perception of Brazilian women and works to strike a balance between provocative and elegant through his artistic manifestations.

part 3

All images courtesy of Fernando Jorge.


6 Comments on Fernando Jorge : Brasileiro em Londres

  1. “He draws from the perception of Brazilian women and works to strike a balance between provocative and elegant through his artistic manifestations.” #tellum! very good work, and i have a new stone to do some research on Braziliante. #everydayschooling

  2. These are highly engineered pieces in an awesome way! The way the stones are attached and fastened is both delicate and deliberate, perfectly conforming to the shape of the stones. DOPE!

  3. Beautiful pieces! I love that his pieces are mostly sourced for his home country.

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