Katharina Vones

German designer and visionary Katharina Vones explores the organic and manmade growth structures within architecture and nature.


Her work is strongly shaped by nature ‘living’ through urban landscapes such as shadows sprawling below skyscrapers.


Her foray into natural landscapes even explores the human body on both macro and micro levels. Katharina’s examinations and experimentation includes an eclectic mix of silicone fabrics, programs such as Arduino, precious metals, gems and Electro Active polymers – in a way ‘breathing; life into technology and the presumed ‘inanimate’.


As Katharina researches these futuristic manufacturing techniques and symbiotic pieces, we get to come along for the ride and see her unique and engaging work.


The results are highly stylized collections that seem to exemplify what a manmade structure could be when given an opportunity to grow organically.


All images courtesy of Katharina Vones.

8 Comments on Katharina Vones

  1. Hi! Merci d’avoir laisser un commentaire sur mon blog, cela m’a permit d’en découvrir un génial! J’adore les bijoux que tu sélectionnes. Ils sont moderne, de qualité et original! je craque pour ces bijoux très architectural mi-organique,mi-minimaliste!



  2. This is absolutely incredible… Very inspiring…how talented can some people be ?! 😮



  3. They look like physical interpretations of viruses, but in a good way! Its a very architectural approach that is very parasitic in nature. Especially the metals wrap and hold the stones. Very Dope!

  4. This is dope. I agree that the prelude concepts of organic mixing with the manmade is spot on with this collection! The pieces seem to have been extracted straight from a science lab. Like molecules and ions and things of that nature. I can also see the architecture in the pieces as well, a fine balance between structure and finesse. Dynamically working at the micro scale to provide great visual impact. FIRE

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