LIVE and in COLOR: Aow Dusdee

Dusdee Chotipruk, the inspirational life force behind the eye arresting Aow Dusdee hails from beautiful Thailand. Her creations are magnetic and the word ‘alive’ is an understatement. Upon first sight; her work immediately brought a smile to my face. Her pieces embody ornamental celebrations that can be taken with you to inspire love, relaxation and a sense of joyful peace. Her colour patterns are those of joy, love and serenity. Similarly, there is a gush of energy that emanates from both the colour pattern and design – an urge to experience, live, and be.  Dusdee makes each piece by hand, combining macramé, crochet and polymer to create her unique style and line. She has been creating for over ten years, and while she has clearly perfected her craft, she continues to delve, and continually and organically feed and grow her design style. Looking forward to more living color to brighten our days! 8236977334_d93fc06a25_o9651360233_27ce1b83e5_ooo9631878401_28a7e13686_o

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10739305813_677df021a3_o

ความงาม + สี + ความรัก10267520093_59c4dfe69a_oAll images courtesy of Aow Dusdee.

25 Comments on LIVE and in COLOR: Aow Dusdee

  1. Julie Komenda // November 19, 2016 at 4:41 PM // Reply

    How do I find her work? Lovely article!

  2. LISSAGUE Patricia // October 5, 2016 at 4:56 PM // Reply

    Hi Aow
    I would like to know where to buy your creations.
    I have no facebook account.
    I love your work.
    Thanks for your answer at my email address if possible

  3. You honor Helen Banes. She was my mentor, and she would have enjoyed your work, as do it. Continued good fortune. Your talent is fun to watch develop.

  4. Aow this is Burn i see your job your the best . no time to say goodbye in thailand i think you have everything and happy that all we want . And please let Vasan know i say goodbye for now. I hope some day i see you at chang lai bi bye Donburn.

  5. Mikey Herndon // December 26, 2013 at 9:22 PM // Reply

    Your work is so original and totally your own. I live in Austin, Texas which is a very artistic and diverse city. I have never seen anything like your work. I want to purchase a necklace very much. I left a message for you on FB.
    Keep reaching, exploring and developing your vast and most brilliant talent. I hope we can connect on a necklace. Blessings always, Mikey

  6. I follow her on flickr…which brought me here. She is fabulous!

  7. I absolutely LOVE it! I really like the tassels…the colors are fantastic and the details are beautiful! Great post 😀


  8. ~ I am very much appreciate your kind word.Reading what you have written,gives me a lovely feeling within!
    Thank you so much for including my work on your web page. ( (( ( ❤ ) )) ) Aow Dusdee ~

    • Thank you Dusdee! the feeling comes from the beauty of your work and the abundance of joy, talent and creativity that we see through your art! We also love your interior decorating! ❤ !!

  9. The colors are really eye-poppng, but when you really look at the craftsmanship these are highly detailed pieces!

  10. Yooooooooo, I thought i had my color theory down pack! But Dusdee got me thinking i should think of even more color combos. One piece alone has enough color to make a bag of skittles look monochromatic. And I say that as a good thing! You could teach a complete lecture series on color theory with just one of her pieces. Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Complementary Shades, Hue, Saturation, Gradation. Its all there ” In Living Color! “

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