Exclusive Interview | Ana Claudia Design: do Brasil, a Miami, to the City that Never Sleeps

Hailing from Florianópolis, Brazil  – Ana Claudia Schultz took a quick stop in Miami en route to Brooklyn, NY ready to bring her unique style and concepts to the NYC independent designer scene. With Angela Simmons and Nylon Magazine wearing and flaunting her pieces, she is clearly paving her road – her way.

Ana’s work is truly captivating, as she uses a self reflective process and photography in her process; and she has succeeded in creating truly unique and stand-alone collections that all have their own unique look, but an aesthetic that ties them all together: Ana Claudia Design.


AurumEve: How did Ana Claudia Design come about, and how long was it in the making?

Ana Claudia Design: Well, I didn’t know I was going to be a jewelry designer! Although I had an architecture background, I didn’t love working in architecture. I had however, always wanted to start my own design company. In school I started taking jewelry classes because I loved doing things small scale. I continued to learn and explore and after working with so many facets including graphic design,  I knew it was time and that I wanted to go out on my own: I went on sabbatical at home in Brazil to work and develop. After being back in Florianópolis for about a week, I started taking jewelry classes with a self-taught artisan nearby. It was a wonderful refresher.

The Archetype Collection: Inspirations from Templo Ecumênico in Brazilarchetype


AurumEve: Tell me about your collections and the aesthetic. You’ve been able to produce very full and versatile collections with quality and beautiful pieces in a short amount of time!

Ana Claudia Design: Archetype was my first collection and had two series. The second collection was Crioula; which I had already started conceiving during Archetype and then I simmered down with Lua. Crioula was pure Brazil for me. Lua is pure Brooklyn for me: the Moon, Tarot Cards vibe. My collections are very self-reflective, and inspired by my experiences; I often find myself looking at the moon.  In all of the collections, a vein of Brazil infused– it’s not something I can help, I’m always going to be connected to Brazil in my designs.

Audubon: Inspired by Nature and Aviary Beings and Thoughts
AurumEve: What are your strongest pieces or collections? Are you able to predict which ones they will be?

Ana Claudia Design: I’m not, but I’m definitely learning. Audubon is the most successful collection; I thought it was a one-time event but it grew into something bigger and continued on its own. I did the collection in collaboration with some friends connected to the Audubon Society, as a fundraiser. I’m considering associating future collections with causes but am remembering that you also have to be very selective when you go into that realm.

Crioula: Inspired by Brazilian Creole women and their internal strength

581826_392689797494864_681989094_n733953_387801141317063_2083936918_nAurumEve: Do you have favorite pieces?

Ana Claudia Design: No, but I only wear my pieces. Some of my staples are the Lua earrings and the façade ring, which I wear all the time-

AurumEve: How has working with recycled materials been?

Ana Claudia Design: It is very much based on volume versus the power needed to turn the kiln. In Brasil the jewelry artisan worked with me to recycle metal and when I go back to Brasil I’ll take them over to him. Now I don’t have a proper studio to melt a large amount of metal, but I use the scraps for texture in my pieces; but it is definitely a challenge in New York.

Lua: Inspired by that Beautiful Brooklyn Moon


dfsdAurumEve: I love the photography, those eyebrows – Why?…How? (laughs)

Ana Claudia Design: I love photography, and am big on Pinterest. I found inspired photography with tinted eyebrows and went with that for Lua. For Crioulla there was a holographic photo exhibit at the Met last year that pre-dated Photoshop, but demonstrated earlier manipulation of images. It’s a lot of fun; I love it!

AurumEve: What’s coming up next for Ana Claudia Designs?

Ana Claudia Design: Right now I’m working on a collection inspired by crustaceans. I’m also planning on of course continuing with jewelry, but adding home accessories. I’m planning the next steps now and figuring out what I can make in my own apartment (laughs) ! I also want people to look at my work and be able to instinctively see and say: Yes, this is Ana Claudia Designs.

Aurum Eve: In many families, particularly for those of a designer, jewelry is a rite of passage. Do you have a particular piece or story that stands out for you?

Ana Claudia Design: My mom loved costume jewelry; I remember wearing little coconut shell earrings. When I was little I remember this pair of earrings that I had – one side was a Figa and the other ear was a shark tooth – I was six years old. I guess my mom was a little avant-garde that way, and nurtured that. So the whole fine jewelry thing was never really a big deal for me. I just loved jewelry.

AurumEve: Agreed! There is still value in pieces not considered fine jewelry by traditional standards – it’s about the process, aesthetic and the visual feel!

All images courtesy of Ana Claudia Design.

6 Comments on Exclusive Interview | Ana Claudia Design: do Brasil, a Miami, to the City that Never Sleeps

  1. Beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. Danielle Denis // December 25, 2013 at 9:56 AM // Reply

    Congratulations on a well done interview. Keep up the good work!

  3. “I only wear my pieces”…that says a lot, and it’s great, it means that she truly enjoys what she does and that it represents her 100%! Very inspiring 🙂

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