When in Tanzania~ nyumbani design

“I am continually inspired by mankind’s desire to reconnect to surroundings through nature and the developing built environment. I design wooden pieces of Art that become a wearable extension of the body through strong geometric shapes and surface experimentation that are intrinsically inspired by architectural structures, natural formations and the balance between the two.”


Kerry Glanfield’s Nyumbani Design is elegantly inspired by the beauty and colours of the Swahili Coast(the coastal area of littoral Kenya, Tanzania and northern Mozambique). Kerry, a Cayman Islands native and fashion and development specialist founded Nyumbani Design in 2012, two years after her relocation to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – and has hit the ground running. The brand is a vibrant product of inspiration from the Caribbean, Mediterranean and East-Africa. Nyumbani Design’s name originates from the Kiswahili word for ‘home’ and this “home” aesthetic has become a focal point for her design style.

We’ve featured our favorite collection, the “Dipped In Gold” Series. The contrast with the African Blackwood is  so stunningly beautiful, and somewhere between the beautiful natural grain of the wood and the soft geometrical tendencies of the pieces, you see a flash of the elegance and regality that is Africa.

Kerry supports sustainable and ethical business practices through a variety of initiatives. Nyumbani Design  employs local Tanzanian artisans to hand carve locally sourced wood, ensuring local employment opportunities and the individuality of each piece. She also experiments with a variety of indigenous trees, using different parts of the wood; adding another layer of distinctiveness for each creation. Additionally, Nyumbani Design has partnered with the environmental group Trees for the Future. For every wooden piece sold, a tree is planted in Tanzania to restore and support the environment within rural communities. 

tn_1200_0b397f7d4108a68adbb4dbc9185c3913.jpgtn_1200_7ed91c95db1244ec271c245bdda99429.jpgtn_1200_01895fdae37c0796bd19d05cc05c76d3.jpgtn_1200_bc5186364d6dfc33d4b73460a76d5a5b.jpg“When designing, it was important for me to experiment with local African materials to create with sustainable living in mind.  As many know, sculpting wooden carvings is a renowned profession in Tanzania. I felt that in order to support wooden artisans in their professions but at the same time helping to restore the environment was key in contributing to Tanzania’s continual growth.”


All images courtesy of Nyumbani Design.

7 Comments on When in Tanzania~ nyumbani design

  1. Wileharda K Mbunda. // July 2, 2014 at 5:04 PM // Reply

    Just Beautiful.

  2. There is something very human about wood. its color and texture varies dramatically from each type, and is literally the flesh of a living thing. The expression of the grain also reflects the talent and technique of the sculptor. These are beautifully made.

  3. THIS IS DELICIOUS :b I’d, say more but its just to delicious

  4. Nicole Cherry // January 10, 2014 at 1:48 AM // Reply

    This is amazing Kerry, Well done!!

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