Th’haba Jewelry by Abrar Al-Ebrahim

Th’haba Jewelry, by Abrar Al-Ebrahim 

Th’haba, derived from Arabic, refers to women with outstanding virtues, often seen as “precious as gold”.  When she was creating the

brand’s image Abrars graphic designer asked her what the brand meant to her in one word, and she answeredTh’haba. Inspired by

her background in architecture as well as the social interactions involved in National Liberation Day in Kuwait, Abrar gently invokes a

feminine yet strong and elegantly provocative aesthetic in her designs- far from ordinary. Her fascination with colored diamonds and

unique diamond cuts is manifested beautifully elegantly.





All images courtesy of Th’haba Jewelry.

6 Comments on Th’haba Jewelry by Abrar Al-Ebrahim

  1. Alone, each piece can almost be described as “too simple”, but wearing several together is where these pieces are far from simple.
    there is a a playful sophistication about the designs when you see them worn together.

  2. What stands out to me the most about this collection from Abrar, is that the pieces are intended to be worn in pairs.The pieces come together with finesse and strike a soft balance of presence and grace. I can see the Th’haba in it.


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