“She wears her jewellery more like tokens of memory than simply adornment”.

-Camila Felizardo

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Brazilian born Camila Felizardo’s Bahagia designs, made in Bali are an absolute delight.

Camila began making jewelry over seven years ago after taking a silversmithing class. From then on – she taught herself! Inspired by Inca design style, the beautiful Bali coast and her travels, Bahgia holds its own unique style among non-traditional design aesthetics.

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Quickly becoming a staple for indie enthusiasts, Camila maintains originality and exclusivity, simply by committing to conscious and handmade principles. She is committed to her pieces being handcrafted from start to finish and works with locally sourced stones as they come up in both Bali and Brazil. She works with understated gems bringing them to a level and a class all their own through her beautiful juxtaposition and selection. Her pieces are made with silver or silver plated with high carat gold.

The collection featured is our favorite, the Bintang Series from the Malam Collection. Excited as new designs come out soon!


All images courtesy of Bahagia. 


  1. Yes! I see the skeletal look, but I love!

  2. I like the sort of skeletal quality of the pieces, like they were made of golden bones. And, the triangulation also expresses an ancient / tribal architectural quality. Really cool.

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