A Concrete Win

David’s Concrete Star Designs is a fun and unique concept, and a clear example that Eco Conscious Design can truly develop new, innovative and beautiful aesthetics.

David uses non-toxic concrete blended with crushed recycled glass…bound in recycled stainless steel! A perfect combination of conscious design, fused with his fantastically, bold, bright and rich pigments.

All of the pieces are handmade by David himself – from scratch. He plays with both abstract and concrete (no pun intended) shapes and ideas to create lightweight, engaging jewelry – from pendants to rings to earrings, as well as custom designs.

We love the subtle contrast between the softness and sensitivity of his shapes and framed recycled stainless steel.

Many are inspired by nature as representations of aspects of our collective lives…


All images courtesy of Concrete Star Designs.

2 Comments on A Concrete Win

  1. These are really fun pieces! Various stones captured in metal work is always a good look!

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