Maria Diana Gioielli

Maria Diana has our heart.

After having formally studied architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in Turin, this Italian artistic natural organically turned to jewelry design. Interestingly enough , Maria explores material more commonly relatable to structural design – as she plays and balances ceramic, porcelain, textiles, soft and hard textures and glass.

Maria has decidedly devoted herself to the exploration of alternative forms of expression through these earthy materials. Her process often begins with inspiration from a poem or fable. This can be seen in the airy and alluring nature of her pieces. One could even say they have their own “aura”.

Her specific affinity to ceramic /porcelain is telling, as both have a wide range of design possibilities. Maria doesn’t stick solely to ceramic however, she even adds a hint of sophisticated glamour by splashing gold leaf onto her pieces, combining precious metals and this stoneware for a unique and unanticipated beautiful outcome.banner mayGermogli-2013-30 other onegermogli-2013-9- senza-titolo-8All images courtesy of Maria Diana.

7 Comments on Maria Diana Gioielli

  1. This looks delicious. Literally. Reminds me of white chocolate dipped in golden caramel.

  2. For anyone who knows me, Im a sucker for various textures incorporated in design. The white/gold piece is amazing.

  3. Whoa, thats what I call attention to detail. The use of gold leaf on the intricate details bring a great touch. It really raises attention to the elements involved. Dope!

  4. Great artist Maria Diana! Her creations are very beautiful!!

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