AurumEve Journeys – Southwest Instagram Giveaway- ENDS 3/15/14 at 11:59PM!


Had a wonderful time in the Southwest!!! 

I’ll be sharing the experiences with you over the next few days, culminating with an IG Giveaway Winner this Sunday!      

Stay tuned for coming articles and best of luck on the Giveaway!



While visiting Madrid, New Mexico, we had the opportunity to stay at a beautiful Ranch with wonderful hosts.

Our host was an actual trader, and trades with the various Native American tribes.

He came upon this beautiful and authentic handmade sterling silver and genuine turquoise ring, which I instantly knew I wanted to share with YOU!

This piece was made by a member of the Abeyta Family, of the Santo Domingo Pueblo. The family is known for their lapidary arts and bead making. Celebrated artists from the family include Harvey, Lester, Richard; and Priscilla Nieto.

Before Spanish invasion, the Santo Domingo tribe mined directly from the Cerrillos Mines and cut, shaped, drilled and polished their turquoise themselves from the mine.

As you can see, while the mine has since closed in many parts and been designated a State Park in some areas, the Santo Domingo Pueblo artists maintain high quality and elegant design.


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Take a zoom-in peek below to see the family stamp of authenticity!


Photography Courtesy of Raymond Bourraine.

2 Comments on AurumEve Journeys – Southwest Instagram Giveaway- ENDS 3/15/14 at 11:59PM!

  1. Awesome! I love New Mexico and I love the city of Madrid! I hope I win!!!

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