This unique brand encompasses the 90s vibe in the US in the way that only Tokyo can – a pursuit and representation of the funky, fresh and loud fun design that has inspired so many different movements across the globe- through an uber-pop-art Tokyo lens— from a well-recognized Emcee who fell into East Coast rap and his professional calling by accident! Verbal accidentally bought the Gang Starr album– igniting his passion for the hip hop movement and aesthetic.



Of Korean descent and born in Tokyo, Young-Kee’s (Verbal) family moved between Tokyo and Boston, the latter being where Young-Kee studied for a masters in divinity to become a pastor and where he met his wife Yoon, the other half of the powerful duo: AMBUSH ®DESIGN.


The duo started out with their Antonio Murphy & Astro line in 2004 showcasing high quality 18K gold, platinum and diamond as Yoon decided to encourage and design Verbal’s own fashion style. Not long after, the likes of Pharrell, Rihanna, and Louis Vuitton requested individual pieces and collaborations. They then introduced AMBUSH ®DESIGN in 2008.

earrings face

In their design aesthetic Verbal and Yoon look towards the fusion of, and play with paint, metals, plastics and high quality and unconventional material/ fine jewelry.

choker crossAll of their work is self-produced and handcrafted in Tokyo.  Because of this they are able to ensure the high quality and success of their work.

22guy double12As indie designers they are moving swiftly and successfully in creating unique quality pieces to Tokyo and worldwide, in an industry that often does not champion such stars.


All images courtesy of AMBUSH® DESIGN.

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  1. Super Dope Rapper Swag!!!

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