Izótika Moda Kriola, por Sónia Tavares

Cape Verdean jewelry designer Sónia Tavares dreamt of being a fashion designer from a young age, but the road led her to architecture. While still working in architecture, in her spare time, Sónia is reclaiming her passion and paving her own road as she delves fiercely into the adornment design realm.

aurumeve kriola sonia tavares

We immediately fell in love with her designs. The bright color pairing and stylized geometric patterning brings an effortless cosmopolitan vibe that could only be derived from rich, vibrant and contrasting cities like Cabo Verde. Her pieces are the perfect purposeful melody of the Afro and Iberian cultural roots and arms of Cape Verde. The vibrant, living colors emerge from the forward-designed, almost avant-garde design aesthetic.aurumeve sonia tavares cabo verde b

As a new designer in growing Cape Verde,Sónia has met her share of challenges. Basic building materials are costly at an entrepreneurial level and not the standard that she is looking for in regards to longevity. Despite this, Sónia continues funding and promoting on an independent level, working with groups like Vaiss Models and other arts and culture organizations in Cape Verde.

jewelry blog aurumeve kriola sonia tavares


Her approach to independent versus government funding, and her choice to come back to Cape Verde after studying in Brazil are wonderful indicators of reinvesting in one’s personal culture and contributing to success, while allowing the rest of our global community to admire the artistry and contribute to Cabo Verde’s success.

aurumeve kriola cape verde sonia tavares c

Images courtesy of Sónia Tavares and Joli Moniz Photography.

4 Comments on Izótika Moda Kriola, por Sónia Tavares

  1. Im enjoying how Sonia’s pieces are working with the neck. Her pieces are hinting towards a subtle visual dialog of dominance and delicacy. The bold colors add a great composition for the body as its canvas. Im looking forward to seeing what Sonia has in store for the future. #neck #lips

  2. wow!! these are some bold pieces!! I particularly LOVE the 2nd last one…

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