Sincerely Fashion

 Sisters Marnelle and Kate Manoucheka Airey of Sincerely Fearless are exactly that. Taking atypical design shapes and objects and producing bold and stand-out pieces has been their focus since starting Sincerely Fearless in 2011. The girls were inspired by their late mother, a bold and fashionable woman who raised them to stand on their own and be self-sufficient; launching just a few months after their mother passed in her memory. While Marnelle focuses on logistics, Kate’s main focuses are the creative aspects such as fashion shows and their online boutique. The collaboration has been quite a success as their eclectic designs have been worn by prominent dancers, vocalists and celebrated by media personalities throughout the country. We are looking forward to what these young ladies will bring next!

Capture Capture 7
Capture6All images courtesy of Sincerely Fearless.


2 Comments on Sincerely Fashion

  1. I cant stop thinking of how genius the fist rings knuckle set is. Seriously dope micro scale thinking. Its such a clean and clear concept. Sincerely Fearless #cool

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