It’s the FFS!

“Our desire is to fearlessly express who we are and help others do the same.”

The FFS (aka Fabulous/Funky/Fly Freeman Sisters) aka Cheryl and Donna Hughes – bring a beautifully eclectic global sensibility to each one of their hand crafted pieces.

Travelistas through their careers as stylists and models has provided them with a global sensibility and artistic capability for creating truly unique pieces from start to finish.

To begin, their material choice and acquisition process is impressive on its own – for collecting or wearing! The FFS ladies source their brightly beautiful and wonderfully deep hued African vulcanite from independent traders from Portugal through West Africa as well as authentic Ethiopian copper, oxidized. They source authentic mystical dzi beads from Tibet (traded in Africa in the early 1900s) and unique stones beautiful in their seemingly imperfect qualities such as pyrite, picture jasper and chakra diamonds from India: for a vintage, modern and tribal trifecta. Each material is selected for its symbolic or crystal properties and possibilities for unique design.

The design perfection and quality that the FFS seek can only be achieved by the sisters hand making each piece; which they, as self-described perfectionists, are very happy to do! Nowadays, with Cheryl in San Francisco and Donna in Miami, the duo still pushes strongly through collaborating via Skype to keep the brand moving and flowing, with more exciting pieces to come!

 “It’s all about the flow,” Donna adds, referring to her spiritualist approach to designing jewelry. Cheryl likens it to her grandmother’s cooking, with a secret ingredient in every recipe: “Every recipe had an element of love: a pinch of love, a dash of love, a teaspoon of love. She always included love as an ingredient. You can say we do the same thing with our jewelry.”


Volcanite and Turquoise 

the ffs aurumeve3FFS_StackBright1-edit_large©JACK ALICE



Wood, Howlite, Brass and Vulcanite
the ffs aurumeve4

the ffs aurumeve10

banner aurumeve the ffs


Vulcanite, 14K Goldthe ffs aurumeve13

the ffs aurumeve6



All images courtesy of the FFS*.

*Black and white images courtesy of Jack Alice Photography.

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  1. The Freeman Sisters sound like some funky fresh dress to impressed ready to party type of gals with an incredible eye for the chic and laid back. The approach to their work has a nice vibe to it. Vulcanite is a pretty cool material also, going to have to look into it a bit further. It has some great qualities. And Shot Out to the sister on the #SURFBOARD!

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