Oh Dear Megan!

Cape Town based designer, Megan Fogarty – the creative force behind Oh Dear Megan takes pride in reviving forgotten and unique relics and materials, creating a uniquely beautiful reincarnation that is both a nod to the past and a contemporary piece of art.

“My inspiration comes from finding something that has been lost or overlooked

and making it the centre of a piece”.


Megan’s love for antique and unique items was nurtured through her grandparents. Her grandfather, an industrialist would often carry around trinkets and continually encouraged Megan in her creative endeavors. Megan often found herself getting caught going through her grandmother’s jewelry box and finding beautiful pins and trinkets, always captivated by the stories behind them.  

“I specifically use South African coins and mementos because

I want my work to be proudly South African”.


Oh Dear Megan uses original South African coins, trinkets, brass badges and stones rich in earth tones. Inspired by the vibrant South African color palette and the country’s diversity – Megan’s muse is her environment.

Additionally, Megan is also motivated by jewellery being accessible to everyone. She enjoys and is proud to have developed a cost effective way of creating vibrant and expressive pieces that, in the inherent uniqueness of the material, offer one of a kind pieces that are accessible financially.


We love how Megan’s pieces look so polished yet authentic: a surely beautiful result of the antique and nouveau dichotomy of Megan’s materials and design approach. It’s no surprise that in a very short time Megan has been featured by Elle South Africa and Design Indaba, among many other compliments.


It’s ironic, for a brand that was named “Oh Dear Megan” after Megan’s clumsiness, lol – she is clearly purposefully and gracefully creating a name for herself, and a place for her unique and creative pieces of recreated art.


All images courtesy of Oh Dear Megan and Alix-Rose Cowie.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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