Mad Museum’s Loot 2014 Recap

We had such a blast at Mad Museum’s Loot 2014 earlier this month!

 We wanted to share some of our favorites from this year’s showcase with you!

 50 artists from all across the globe came to exhibit their innovative and eco-conscious designs and treasures at New York City’s Museum of Art and Design.

 Here are a few of our favorites!

British designer Naomi McIntosh’s pieces were a favorite. Naomi uses her architectural background to create “Wearable Drawings” that display an elegant dynamism between structural design and organic materials.



Argentinian jewelry designer Maria Carelli’s resourceful and unique pieces are truly a work of art. Her work is characterized by experimentation and an exploration of natural materials while designing with organic forms and modules in mind. Her pieces are made with an eco-conscious framework, using fish scales, paper, plastic bottles, seaweed and other recycled materials, often juxtaposed with silver trimmings. This paper necklace caught our eye with its delicacy and elegance.



Take a look at Florence-based designer Federica Sala’s fantastic statement necklace. The former apprentice of Giorgio Vigna clearly can handle her own! This ephemeral hand painted Murano glass necklace clearly stood apart from the rest and was quite the treat for the eyes!

DSC02216 as Smart Object-1


The gracious and talented New York designer, Louis Velasquez gave us a sneak peek of his process of painting and reworking plastics to create vibrant and futuristic treasures.

DSC02203 DSC02204


Mexican designer Martacarmela’s labor intensive process of knitting metals pays off! She appropriately dubs her jewelry as “Knitted Gems”, skillfully mastering the art of reworking silver and gild.



We were taken aback by bubbly and lovely Istanbul designer, Burcu Sülek and her sponge made pieces. These sponge gems allow her the versatility and flexibility to create large statement pieces and tiny eye catchers where weight of the jewelry won’t be an issue at all. Burcu is modeling her bold bright pieces and rocking on!


 DSC02220 as Smart Object-1


Selvagga Armani, a former architecture student and pioneer of 3D printing design wowed us with both the design and the texture of her pieces. The material used is durable, yet has a great bend to it and will definitely last!

DSC02226 DSC02225


We were absolutely mesmerized by Greek designer Maria Tsimpiskaki’s striking, delicate and sharply designed pieces. I love the elements of sculpture and high design in her work. Her work is reminiscent of an adult fairytale come to life.


Cheers to all of the participants from Mad Musuem’s LOOT 2014 and looking forward to next year!

8 Comments on Mad Museum’s Loot 2014 Recap

  1. Wearable drawings. MADDD! #upperechelon

  2. itsallaboutsonia // December 6, 2014 at 8:10 AM // Reply

    what lovely pieces

  3. What wonderful pictures 🙂

  4. So cool! I love the robot cuff

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