Yura Bylkov : the Most Vivid Memory of my Dreams

I’m almost at a loss for words, in expressing the newfound awe that I have experienced with Yura ’s work.

13117702964_27862d1417_o (1)


Upon first glance, his pieces look like naturally formed celestial material, treasures that once mysteriously made, cannot be recreated in nature or even reimagined in our mind. While I’m not usually a fan or iridescence – even with opals and pearls for the most part, Yura finds a way to create an otherworldly glow from these pieces that outshines even the most beautiful pearl.


The beauty in his pieces is their bold beauty that somehow beams through in even his less complex designs. His ability to subtly breathe a unabashedly present life into the varying textures of his work is truly stunning.

I am genuinely shocked that one artist can master so many different styles truthfully and completely.


There is one light commonality in his work…the common aesthetic is that while there isn’t anything directly stylistically connecting his various pieces, there is a high, exceptional, talent driven and combined with passion and inspiration and skill in each of his collections.

“I dislike time-consuming stages of jewelry processing, when everything must be accurately gauged, also symmetric mirror earrings, by and large, something symmetric, onion, mayonnaise, fish and everything that consist of those products.”




His pieces look like snippets of dreams, the parts that are left over when you can’t remember the rest….the parts that you hold on to – the magic – the memory…

I can’t wrap my mind around his artistic depth and versatility, but sit in awe and in love with his work.

It’s beautifully -exhaustively beautiful.


Yura began studying graphic design until he realized that it wasn’t fulfilling him enough artistically- and delved fully into jewelry.

With his influences including some of the most artistically unique designers of our time: Zaha Hadid, Alexander Calder and Ivan Leonidov – it’s no wonder that Yura’s work stands so elegantly and uniquely, on its own.

“I enjoy the possibility of experimenting and it’s often more valuable than a result.”



The list of the range of materials and methods behind his magic are countless: titanium, ural garnets, plastic, enamel, paint, granulation, filigree, wood, tantalum (soon!) can continue on and on… it’s exciting to see such a dynamic designer and we simply cannot wait for more!4346482817_686d6c4469_o


Every piece of his work feels…. VIVID.



Images courtesy of Yura Bylkov.

8 Comments on Yura Bylkov : the Most Vivid Memory of my Dreams

  1. The puzzle piece ring is nice! Its so subtle its literally and physically capturing the moment when the puzzle pieces are coming together. Or….. when they are coming apart!
    Very nice collection. Props to Yura

  2. jadesmith09 // March 9, 2015 at 8:53 AM // Reply

    I love these. Especially the bracelets!

  3. Margareth (Tatiek) // February 13, 2015 at 12:32 PM // Reply

    Nothing much to say! It is just divine!
    Great job done Dana!
    Great search!
    Please pursue your dream!
    What you’re doing is unique!
    I love you my dearest daughter.

  4. 🙂 Wow, this really is unusual! But I like it 🙂

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