Eily O’Connell : Natural Beauty

We were caught by surprise by Irish designer maker Eily O’Connell’s captivating organic creations.

Eily’s process is one of natural inspiration: she strolls the forests and beaches of Ireland and Phoenix Park and countries she visits in search of found and natural materials and objects that she can in turn recreate through her detailed enamel work and precious metal casting. Tourmalines, sapphires and other beautiful gems find their way into her pieces, seemingly like they grew organically from her mini masterpieces.

Her fascination and curious nature has been with her since childhood, having collected bright, glittering, candy wrappers and has now transitioned to precious and semi precious stones and metals – twisting, reconfiguring and redefining their appearance and make up – while somehow maintaining their raw aesthetic through her unique vision of these organic materials in an ever-evolving world.


Her interest in climate change and ecological issues is clear in her choice of materials: found pebbles, wood, claws, insects… and even her own tooth!, which she either casts or uses in her pieces. Eily takes her initiative a step further – passed her design and into production. She only uses recycled material for all of her packaging and marketing.

Take a look at these mini marvels by this lovely designer who walks down her own path – that we’re ready to tread with-

Eily AurumEve 5 Eily AurumEve 1 Eily AurumEve 2 Eily AurumEve 3 Eily AurumEve 4

Images courtesy of Eily O’Connell.

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