PROFILES | Jozi Foodie Fix’s Thando Moleketi

We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the beautiful, bubbly and oh-so-slim-despite-being-a-TOTAL-foodie, Thando Moleketi!
Thando is the creator and editor of the delicious Jozi Foodie Fix: the go to place for fun food throughout South Africa and the globe, a strategist, Entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of the beloved WKND Social.

The best way to describe Thando has to be by her graciousness: which we experienced VERY first hand.
We showed up at Thando’s lovely and eclectically elegant apartment promptly- cameras in tow, questions ready, at the scheduled hour… one day…EARLY….as she was in the middle of MOVING into her place! Our host definitely handled it better than we did! While we were: “like OMG-ing,” Thando shrugged it off smiling and was ready to go with a glass of gin and cheerful laugh! Big thanks again Thando!

We had a great time with, and couldn’t think of a better person to kick off our Profiles Series with! Thando embodies the AurumEve community: those who explore the road less traveled and are interested in discovering the world from a holistic perspective, and kicking butt along the way!


AurumEve: So when I finally got to Cape Town, everyone was talking about how fast Joburg is compared to Cape Town, but I mean- I’ve been living in NYC – how do you compare NYC to Joburg to Cape Town?

Thando: Cape Town is for holidays! I can’t live there; everyone drives too slow (laughs)! New York is probably one of my top three favorite cities in the world! I’ve been going every year for the past fifteen years. I used to go with my parents when I was younger, but it’s really nice going now that I’m older and can drink! It’s quite a different experience! For me the biggest difference between the two is a public transport system. But in terms of safety, you have to be just as aware in both of these great cities!


We were surprised and impressed (and reminded that we need to step our literary game waaaay UP) as we obsessed over Thando’s diverse and wide range of authors, genres, literary styles and types of books filling her bookshelf and coffee tables. Her book shelf and home are sprinkled with gems from Toni Morrison to Malala Yousafzai, Enid Blyton, Mireille Guilliano, Alek Wek and so so much more! We mused over Zadie Smith, our common beloved author Paulo Coehlo and (for me) what theheck the Famous Five Book Series is!

AurumEve: How did you get to read not only so much, but have such a diverse literary palette?!

Thando: I’ve always been a reader, as my parents were as well. My parents read a lot of Brecht and Tolstoy. I’ve always read with my family. It’s sort of like you emulate what you see, so for me it’s a natural thing. I love biographies, and if I find a writer I like I’ll keep reading their work. I’ve actually just started reading African authors in the last five years. We weren’t steered in one direction as to what to read, so it’s grown over time; I love Toni Morrison.

AurumEve: I’ve only read Beloved , but it was too much for me at the time!

Thando: Then try Sula; it’s a great introduction into Toni Morrison.

Some Recommendations from Thando to add to your reading list!
Anything by Maya Angelou
The Zahir Paulo Coehlo
Sula Toni Morrison
Life Beyond Measure Sidney Poitier
White Teeth Zadie Smith

Thando Jozi Foodie Fix 1

So while our “popcorn Monster-zilla-sumo” vision did not come out as we planned it, was still hilarious! Thanks for stomping around with us and cracking us up Thando!

AurumEve: So why natural hair?

Thando: (Laughs) Cost! I’m an entrepreneur! Actually, I’ve always been natural! But also,I was dating this guy who was a great friend- but we did NOT work as a relationship. He questioned my idea of a strong woman, and one day said I had a syndrome with the way I looked combined with my natural hair which I was straightening regularly – so I took the challenge! I shaved all my hair off! I thought to myself… Someone may think they know who I am but I’m not defined by my hair or whatever someone may think. It worked because it looked really good! …I probably took it a little too seriously (laughs) but it worked!DSC_0080AurumEve: Do you have pushback issues being natural?

Thando: No I never have. I also think that unfortunately previously blackness and texture and natural hair was not perceived as beautiful. But I think we’re getting there and acknowledging that your hair naturally is beautiful, whatever hair you may have. But I think we also need to stop hating on women who wear weaves, let people do whatever they want to do!

AurumEve: So what else are you up to?

Thando: Currently I’m also part of a startup that is selling refurbishing smartphones into the South African market, with the idea that increasing access to technology at an affordable price with quality, will increase the workforce and middle class down the road, as people are able to access both information and opportunities.

Thando’s silver jewelry box was gifted to her by her grandmother.

We got engaged four months ago. I had the rings specially made and I proposed to him, and we each wear silver wedding bands. I did it with these DIY cups I made that said “The Freedom of Being Bound”. He knew it was coming, but he thought he could propose to me first, but I beat him to it!

The black jewelry box was gifted when I was in high school, about 13, and it’s really become more of a money box than a jewelry box! I collect coins from all of my travels here. I don’t let go of anything; I’m a very functional hoarder!

DSC_0213I’m a sentimental person.
Silver is a significant metal to me.
When I was growing up my mother always wore a silver wedding band because at that point in time my parents could only afford silver bands.
Fundamentally it’s not about the ring, it’s about what the ring symbolizes, and I don’t need a diamond to symbolize commitment to our relationship and finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
I love my ring; it is the only item that I wear consistently- everyday.DSC_0199










Jewelry … or Pill Box? You decide!

Some ‘borrowed’ jewelry from Mom and go-to Pichulik!

The wedding ring story: what matters to You:
Thando’s custom made wedding band made by the amazing artists at Exclusivity by Design 

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  1. Its truly inspirational to visit the minds of other creatives, and the imagery beautifully captures a beautiful mind and personality. im looking forward to more profiles! 🙂

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