Alice Floriano

We love Brazilian designer Alice Floriano’s silver paired with other organic materials jewelry.

Alice is a nomad at heart, having travelled throughout the world before selecting jewelry as her medium of expression while in Lisbon, Portugal. She had delved into all elements of fashion, but found that the communicative and personal aspects of jewelry design both suited the life of a nomad as well as fulfilled her expression personally.

While exploring the world and her own ambitions, Alice also took the time to earn some wonderful accolades- she studied under designers Ricardo Preto and Tereza Seabra in Portugal as well as Paul Wells at Central St. Martins in London.  Her aesthetic did not go unnoticed, as she was a selected artist for the Brazilian Design Biennial.

Dually inspired by indigenous culture and a wandering spirit, her jewelry resembles something beautiful that could be appear onto the shores of a clear, pristine and brightly blue beach of white sand. Her seem to be naturally finished and offer an organic elegance. The use of wood, meteorite other materials seems casual and natural – in a way that creates an almost immediate bond with her pieces.

Alice lives for materializing the intangible: our feelings, emotions, and stories; and she beautifully and effortlessly does not do so in vain.

Images courtesy of Alice Floriano.

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