High Holidays Gift Guide! Eight pieces to raise your glass to!

Hanukkah is just around the corner! – beginning on December 6th!
This eight day celebration, also known as the Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication – is observed by lighting the menorah, or hanukiah.
One light is lit each night, by the center candle, the shamash.
In the west, families often exchange a gift each night during the celebration, with jewelry as a popular choice,
as its sentimental and cultural value are both personal…and just awesome!
Let’s take a look at some of the things we’d love to share (or have shared with us!) on any given night during Hanukkah!

Either way, let us celebrate time together with friends and family – L’chaim!



Chen Fuchs Jewelry
Absolutely one of my  favorite designers.
The brilliance of her pieces is phenomenal and the craftsmanship is perfection. 

Variance Objects
We love Variance Object’s natural, ethereal aesthetic.
This hand picked high quality tanzanite is an essential addition to any jewelry box- equally festive and elegant-



These statement pieces made by a combination of Ethiopian and Israeli aesthetic in Tel Aviv are sure to 
be appreciated and gorgeous all year round! Sacred texts and love the pearl touch!

Ayala Bar
Bright and funky, full of energy – the statement earrings to have!

Atelier Shinji
We love the abstract school of fish, representing the past and the present effortlessly-


Vicki Leigh Jewellery
So much more than blue and white here!
The texture and colour temperatures make for earrings that will match with any colours!

Indego Africa
We love the bright beautiful energy of the season, handmade and brought to us from our artist friends in Rwanda!

Raw Elements Jewelry
This Merkaba Star tetrahedron pendant creates a simple and elegant three-dimensional Star of David.
Made though 3D CAD and representing spirituality in so many dimensions!
100% ethically made!


Images courtesy of respective designers.

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