Ozma Autonomy

Ozma Autonomy is a jewelry line that humbly stands out. Every collection has a unique and universal inspiration behind it.

Samantha Jo Keller, the designer and founder- finds it critical that the brand is not just a series of arbitrarily made beautiful pieces, but that through “odd realities through images, transmuted adornments” we can be inspired to explore our truths fearlessly. She is interested artistically and personally in a more hands on approach to creation and our increasingly impersonal world.

Each collection has a specific meaning, anchored by sustainability and ethical standards and local sourcing in Nocal and NYC.

The brand name was inspired by Return to Oz, while Samantha was experimenting with her artistic passions through photography and jewelry design, which ended up supporting each other in her Oz Autonomy endeavors.


All I care about is that I’m doing something I love and I’m doing it the honest way.


I suppose my biggest motivation is wanting unity, bettering the world around us as a whole and also just having the satisfaction of creating something to show the world. We all need to be role models at a point and set standards. This place is a domino effect and it we want something to change we have to be the change, we have to start the trends, and we need to support each other.


“The Unlucky Ones” raises awareness of the tragedies behind the ivory trade. Inspired by an antique ivory necklace, each piece in the series has a percentage donated to various elephant rescue foundations.

Part of the “THC” series:  Oz’s elegant take on “sticky-icky” to reframe smoking in an elegant and destigmatized way. (legal as it is cased in resin and unusable)


All images courtesy of Ozma Autonomy.

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