PROFILES | Brunch … with a side of gems




Martha Chery | NYC Wardrobe Stylist with a very cool Tumblr

Lindsay Arber | Actress and voice over artist based in NYC, she can be seen in Jane Wants a Boyfriend with Eliza Dushku

Meyly Brosseit | Jewelry Designer and founder of Meyly Brosseit Studio and freelance photographer


DSC02260We shared stories of travel, hair (how amazing is Martha’s Ombre look?!), and the amazingness of Lindsay’s NYC moments… and we ate….a lot!

DSC02294aMeyly was wearing one of her beautiful pieces from her studio.
She uses polymer for its versatility and as you can see, both produces beautifully vivid colors
and elegantly balances clay and precious metals.

DSC02059Bracelet: Chichi market in Guatemala
Rings: Pamela Love NYC, thrift shop in DUMBO

DSC02066Rings: Pamela Love NYC (can you tell we shop alike?)

DSC02135Earrings: vintage sterling silver and emerald

DSC02104The painting featured above is from non other than Albert Desmangles,
one of the most talented and popular contemporary artists in Haiti.

4 5
DSC02390This piece is significant to both me and my family because of the Cambodian War; which my family endured and survived. During that time, gold jewelry, watches,  and pieces were traded for rice and other foods for basic survival. My mother passed it down to me. It has an “M” because my mother’s name is Ming- and I’m Meyly. My family, including my mother survived by taking refuge in Thailand. I don’t wear it much, but it’s an important reminder for me, especially because my mother chose to pass it down to me while she is still young.

DSC02444This is one of my favorite pieces.
It’s an amethyst cocktail ring with gold and marcasite embellishments and black glass.

My mother and my aunt passed young and I inherited very unique jewelry,
so I wear this piece as often as I can, as it makes me feel closer to them.

DSC02487This is a piece I got when I studied abroad in England – it was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl.
They are ceramic hand painted studs that I bought at a vintage fair in London.
I really don’t wear them much now, but I keep them close because they are just amazing to me-
as a reminder of dreams coming true.

Thank you for sharing and showing us your lovely gems!


Thank you again for a great afternoon ladies!




Images courtesy of Raymond Bourraine.


2 Comments on PROFILES | Brunch … with a side of gems

  1. That was a lot of fun. Great post! Its great knowing the stories behind why certain pieces mean so much to us. These stories make the pieces priceless.

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