Kenya, Turkey and NYC! GIVEAWAY! Triple the Fun! AurumEve Int’l Jewelry Win from


Do you love handmade jewelry?
Do you not have the time to go on an around the world trip to Kenya, Turkey and NYC?

Well here’s your chance to get a little something to hold you over from each country, all in one shot! until you buy your ticket!

a beautiful handmade ring from Turkey’s own Aisegul Telli, gold plate on brass with handmade intricate bubbles that catch more than light- they steal the gaze in any room!

these beautiful Hadar Earrings, from Adele Dejak’s popular Swaady collection – recycled brass and reclaimed Ankole cow horn – handmade by Kenyan artists to you!

a minimalist offshoot of Lingua Nigra’s most popular gem – the brass bangles.
Simple, textured gold plated Brass bangles to show show your elegant edge! 








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