AurumEve Services

Would you like to advertise on AurumEve?
AurumEve considers inquiries from fashion,internationally focused, socially conscious and cultural entities.
Highlighted options include: Sponsored Posts, Giveaways, Product Reviews and Instagram Campaigns
For pricing and more information contact advertising(at)

Do you want to share with the AurumEve group?
Would you like your Exhibition, Event, Competition or Employment Opportunity listed with AurumEve?
For pricing and more information contact advertising(at)

Are you an independent designer, event space looking for a/guidance in:
Product Development
Marketing and Social Media
Market Research
For more information and references please contact consulting(at)

Are you looking for a buyer to find and broker an agreement for accessories in Gautemala, Haiti, South Africa or the United States?
For more information contact consulting(at)

Are you a jewelry lover and want to get an in depth look at the best and most interesting jewelry in a city you’ll be in?
For more information including rates and locations please contact

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