Guatemala Yo Voy

Vo Voy!!! AurumEve Journeys: Guatemala

AurumEve is on our way to Guatemala, on the tail end of the New World Crafts Fair and are looking forward to bringing you back stories, features, profiles and goodies! ...


MUST SEE: Manifest Design Trunk Show with the one and only Calabar Imports!

~~~!!!Excited to announce!!!~~~ Manifest Design Trunk Show at Calabar Imports! One of our favorite and newest features, Manifest Design is coming to Brooklyn! Manreet Deol will be showcase her beautiful ...


Shirley Ephraim : Weaving through Tradition

Nigerian designer Shirley Ephraim, manifests dreams and ideals through her silk lace weaving and elegant use of raw stones. Shirley embraces the inherent and apparent differences between the stones that she ...

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Manifest design cover

Exclusive Interview with Manifest Design

“We create timeless pieces that are thoughtfully handcrafted and have a soul ...

Ohiri Kréation

Ohiri Kréation is the brainchild of Cote D’Ivorian designer Akébéhi Kpolo. A natural artist, ...
damiano rossi

Adèle Dejak

Adèle Dejak‘s brand creates handmade pieces inspired by her roots~ African shapes, textures ...

Latest Articles!

Bil Arabi Feature Image

جمال : Bil Arabi

“My aim or vision when I created Bil Arabi was and still is to push the pride in our Arabic culture and Identity …I would love the brand to keep on growing and spreading and inspiring others to use our language and culture and for us to be proud of our identity” Nadine Kanso   […]

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Variance interview

Exclusive Interview with Variance Objects

Somewhere between the hustle, bustle and excited and giddy overwhelming-ness that is NY NOW, we had a chance to sit down with Nicole Rimedio, the designer and founder of Variance Objects Jewelry and her partner Scott to learn more about their striking pieces and the path and story behind their success.  – AurumEve: Jewelry has […]

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I’ll see you in September!

Good morning AurumEve family! We’re excited to be working on a few new things and will be back in early September with some new and exciting-ness on AurumEve! In the meantime, stay connected through our Instagram feed @AurumEve ! See you soooooon! <3 Aurum   ~~~AurumEve on Instagram ~~~

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Nzingah Oniwosan : Around the Diaspora and Back

“Nzingah” was created during a summer hiatus, where thoughts became manifestations and manifestations became what people adorned themselves with… My work as a jewelry designer is an extension of my work as a visual artist.  I am influenced by my Haitian heritage and my love and appreciation for African and Asian culture. I am inspired […]

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Felieke van der Leest – laten we spelen!

“I see my work more like wearable little sculptures than jewelry. When I work with colors I feel like a painter, when I work with metal I feel like a constructor, and when I work with plastic toy animals I feel like a child.” A 1996 graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam, Dutch […]

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twiga aurum eve banner

Twiga Mbundi: A Tanzanian Dream

Tanzanian jewelry designer Twiga Mbundi is an art dealer, and to our excitement – turned jewelry designer. Twiga came to the United States in 1985, after working as a civil engineer in her homeland of Tanzania. A truly courageous woman, Mbunda was the first person to leave her small village to pursue a life abroad […]

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