Aişegül Telli : Beyond the Sea

For Turkish designer Aişegül Telli, being a conduit for beautiful expression has always been a part of her life. As a young child, her father used to bring her beads and metal findings from his travels, and challenge his daughter to construct her own creations with them. She cherished these little gems so much so, that she began carrying them wherever she went.

Her pieces truly express the wonder and depth of emotion, texture and aesthetic that Aişegül experiences through her diving adventures throughout the famed Indian Ocean- memories she manifests through her creations and continues to deepen to this day.

Each piece is filed, soldered and coloured individually, allowing for individuality throughout the sea of beauty that each specimen she sees underwater carries.  These intricate art pieces are often mistaken for real coral. Aişegül creates a coral-like textured surface through a series of repeated and stylized micro glass spheres that elegantly and almost mysteriously seem to express an authentic radiance.

Once I got into the water, I understood I stepped into a place of silence that will keep me in wonder forever. A place that has its own rules, own time cycle, own gravity… Its residents welcomed me with their astounding colors and enchanting moves. Being heavenly amazed, I could hear my heart beating so fast while I was moving around in slow motion. This collection of mine is a tribute to everything that is about the Ocean and its beautiful nature”.




“Just the colours appearing, mixing, ascending, losing in each other, leaving different emotions as the tones were changing. That I could not put into words.  I got the same feeling when I dived for the first time and saw the variety & harmony of the colours underwater. It was absolutely dreamlike.”


“The matter is which way you prefer to look and what will influence you the most. The mood you are in is the filter before your eyes .Something fictional, structural, functional or architectural can catch your eye and inspire you.”


 “You belong to more than one place and always miss the other side of you.”


All images courtesy of Aişegül Telli.

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  1. Marina Leong // July 8, 2016 at 9:00 AM // Reply

    Hello, are the rings of Aisegul Telli for sale? And would you ship to Sydney Australia? Thank you

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