Mònica Ponce Glòria Jodar, of Barcelona, Spain’s “button rings” are to put it plainly- a quiet pleasure.

There is something to be admired and respected of simple and beautiful jewelry that is made by hand and made well.

Mònica‘s rings are made with her humble skill and keen eye for colour patterns. The colour choices and patterns truly highlight the beauty of these statement rings’ build and body.

The material is sturdy and constructed for lasting beauty and use.

Mònica actually makes a variety of jewelry crochet and fabric, but we loved these rings so much we wanted to give them their own spotlight!

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Images courtesy of Mònica Ponce Glòria Jodar.

4 Comments on Maikolo

  1. Peat coat, (check), Crochet Scarf, (check), Sivad Kufi Hat, (check), Maikolo button rings to complement the buttons on the Coat (check) ….I see a killer future in this

  2. I really like the purple and blue ring. The patterns alternate to give a “pop” of color which makes the whole piece unique. One could get addicted to starting a collection 🙂

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